Let’s get Connected

Need Candidates Quick?

All we need is a few pieces of information and our team will email you to setup a time to talk.


Direct Hire

Looking to hire someone on permanently? This is the best option for you.

 No Up-Front Cost
(We only get paid to perform)

  Passive Candidates Only!
(We aren’t posting jobs and sending you people you could get on your own)

 Candidate Management
(Make your life easier – we can help with scheduling interviews and keeping the candidate engaged)

Contract Staffing

Need someone quick on a temporary basis? Our staffing team can help!

✓  Quick fill times

✓  Candidate Management

✓  Weekly Reports

✓  Payroll Service

✓  Prorated conversion fees
(they work off a fee if you were to bring permanent!)


Have a confidential search that you need to keep close to the vest? This is your best option.

✓  Extremely confidential including NDA Agreements from candidates if needed

✓  Exclusive Search (You won’t want other people working on a confidential search as it will become non-confidential)

✓  Candidate Management

✓  We will also sign an NDA if needed for the onboarding